Let us give your new year and your image the perfect match

with design concepts of another point of view. Inspiring. Memorable.

Endearing... beyond just days and dates.

Each will enhance your desk to last throughout the year.

Take a look into your new year now !

> It’s a classic! You get to see 365 days right in front of you on your desk !

> It’s your time machine ! You can literally plan your year ahead

 with its user-friendly design !

> It’s always a show piece ! Not just to decorate your desk but

as a point of  attention to others.

> It’s your hard-working messenger ! Because it’s probably the

cheapest 365-day advertising platform for your business. And indeed

few would refuse a gift of a great desk top calendar !

> It’s retro ! Desk top calendars are not just about dates.

Just like vinyl records and cassettes, nowadays desk top calendars are

a comeback hero in this techie world !

> Because our point of view have made us Malaysia’s premier,

consistent international award-winning desktop calendar designer

and producer for over one decades.

> Because we deliver not just cost-effective quality productions on time but always great ideas

that are varied and different for you to choose year after year.

> And there’s more ! We also produce “A Page A Day” calendars, diaries

and notebooks to suit your requirements.

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