PenBook’s Exquisite,

Luxurious Feel Makes

You Want To Write More !


Have you ever encountered a situation when you can’t find your pen to take notes. Had the pen’s ink all over your shirt pocket? Or, always had to place your pen in between the pages of your notebook? The solution is here in a notebook that’s more than just a notebook !


It’s the PenBook !


Take a closer look. The PenBook is a special creation exclusively designed with a smart slot for your writing instrument. Your writing instrument will be nicely tucked at the spin of the PenBook and you won’t have to encounter the above situations again.

PenBook’s Exquisite, Luxurious Feel Makes You Want To Write More !


Take another look. The PenBook is your impressive little handy partner that is crafted with creative and practical details that are of great value. Whether you are an budding executive, a meticulous secretary, a busy student, a dedicated teacher, or a righteous chairman of a company the PenBook is the ideal canvas for you to make a difference with the power of writing while in a meeting, on a holiday or on the go.

Embossed your logo on cover

Soft-textured quality cover material exudes a touch of elegance.


Innovative pen slot fits a variety of writing instrument sizes.


Handy executive size fits into even a small bag. Practical

content, including 4-year calendar.


Off-white cream pages reduces eye strain.


Choice of cover colours to suit your style.


No power charging or batteries need !

Handier than a laptop or tablet !

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