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What's a Calendar to Sinar Date Master?

Really, what's a calendar to us? A means of identifying days, of course. Sure, days are important. There are religious days, holidays, birthdays, good days, bad days. Because calendars are all about the days of our lives, we at Sinar Date Master treat them with a whole lot of respect. And our design concepts reflect that.



Take for instance content. We craft content into our calendars. To us, a word, a phrase or a picture in our calendars can touch you, move you, even exhilarate you.  To do this, we put a lot of effort into developing concepts that mean something to you. All the months in our calendars are more than mere collections of dates. They are days embedded with inspirational messages designed to comfort you, give you hope, encourage you to take that step forward.


Award-winning Concepts

So, not surprisingly, we have been awarded many times over the years by the World Calendar Awards USA for 'Best Subject Gold Awards'. These awards recognize outstanding conceptual flair, beside other awards such as best graphic design, best typography, best colour separation and printing, the best use of paper. The list goes on. But where do these award-winning inspirations come from? Very simply put, it's all from the days of our lives. Yours, ours, everyone's.


Premium Quality

First off, think premium quality. When we work on designing calendars with the kind of zeal we have, it'll be really dumb of us to leave out quality execution, wouldn't you say so? Great conceptualization has to come with exceptional, outstanding quality, and so we put a lot of care into the production caveats: user-friendliness, clear formats and layouts, accuracy, legibility and so on. Truth be told, some of our clients, running severely late on their orders, don't even mind paying extra freight charges for their calendars, and when we ask them why, they tell us it's because of our high quality.


Flexibility & Dedication

Next, think customization, flexibility, value-for-money and all that. We are flexible enough to customize our calendar designs to suit different budgets, to accommodate last-minute changes, last-minute orders, insertion requests and so on. Our dedication to our clients' international branding and corporate image is reflected in the extreme care taken to print accurate Pantone-coded colours even for multiple brand logos in the calendars. Sometimes, our dedication leads us to do things other calendar makers will not do, such as print in full colour the first and last sheets even though the actual picture area is too small to warrant a full colour print involving the whole page. This we do with a nominal charge to the client. The rest of the cost, we absorb.


Stunning Visuals

Finally, think visual power. Calendars have to look good sitting on a desk or hung up on a wall. To look good, they have to have  a certain qualities that art directors and visualisers label as  “visually stunning" Visually stunning pictures make visually stunning calendars. There's no other way around this. So we scour the world's photo libraries to hunt down great pictorial themes and scores. And that's only half the work done. We do a lot of photo enhancing work to improve each photo's image brilliance without sacrificing its originality. All our photos are carefully selected to fill the thematic structure of a particular calendar, and even more carefully selected to enhance the particular tone and mood of each month within that same calendar. In this regard, it is no surprise that we have been awarded several times for best colour separation and best printing by the World Calendar Awards USA by virtue of the visual power generated by excellent photo imagery.



We'd like to think that we don't just make calendars. We craft them. So to summarize it all up we come back to the question: what's a calendar to Sinar Date Master? Well, our final take on this is that each calendar we craft and produce for our clients is much more than a calendar. It's a carefully designed, carefully crafted masterpiece. And we'd like you to confirm that. Call us now to order.

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Plan 365 Days Ahead :

It’s a time machine right in front of you. Chart your day, your month, and the whole year with user-friendly design.


A Retro Showpiece :

It’s a comeback vintage that disrupts your techie world! It’s a talking point that goes beyond days and dates.


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Ideal as a hard working corporate gift that puts your name or brand on a premium spot on your target’s desk for 365 days.


Stand Out With Great Ideas :

We create great calendars that go beyond days and dates. Globally recognised for producing award-winning calendar themes for over a decade. Variety and choices include ‘A Page A Day’ calendars, customised diaries and notebooks.

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