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Diary Supplier & Notebook Manufacturer in Malaysia


Sinar Date Master proudly stands as a leading diary supplier and manufacturer in Malaysia, specializing in the production and supply of a diverse range of diaries and related products. Our offerings encompass organizers, planners, notebooks, scrapbooks, calendars, and more. Distinguished by our sophisticated designs, we provide an extensive selection of diary covers, including PU leather, foam sheet PVC, Premium PVC, and soft covers, offering unparalleled flexibility and customization. This sets us apart in an industry where many companies offer only standardized diary products in Malaysia. Our commitment is to deliver the highest quality diaries to our customers, with meticulous attention to detail evident throughout our design and manufacturing processes, as well as in drafting, designing, materials selection, manufacturing, sales, distribution, and customer service.


As a trusted diary manufacturer and diary supplier in Malaysia, Sinar Date Master continually stays ahead in understanding market demands, particularly within the modern lifestyle of the youth market. We dedicate ourselves to offering more than just ordinary diaries, aspiring to be pioneers in the industry.


2024 - A New Year for Diary!


As we eagerly anticipate the arrival of 2024, we extend a warm invitation for you to discover our exquisite range of diary designs tailored for the upcoming year in Malaysia. Our diverse diaries collection features an impressive array of corporate diaries, daily planners, and notebooks meticulously crafted to meet every requirement. Sinar Date Master is dedicated to aiding you in staying organized and becoming an essential companion in your life throughout the year ahead in Malaysia. Whether you're seeking a sleek professional diary or a vibrant personal planner, we are your premier diary supplier in Malaysia.


Customised Diaries and Notebook


Whether ready-made or customized, a corporate diary from Sinar Date Master, a leading diary supplier in Malaysia, can play a vital role in boosting your brand awareness and cultivating stronger business connections, especially in Malaysia. Our extensive diary collection caters to diverse preferences, and we provide diaries customization options to ensure that each diary aligns seamlessly with your unique corporate image and requirements. Elevate your brand presence and foster meaningful relationships with valued customers through our customizable diaries in Malaysia.


For individuals in Malaysia looking to break away from the ordinary, crafting your own notebook can be a thrilling choice. All designs will be digitally printed on the front cover of the notebook, adding a distinctive touch for personal or corporate use. Furthermore, we provide the option of crafting notebooks with recycled pulp for maximum environmental friendliness.

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