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Sinar Date Master is a diary manufacturer and specialist in manufacturing and supplying a wide range of different diaries, with other related product lines. These include organizer, planner, note book, scrapbook, calendars etc. We are sophisticated with our designs, hence we offer a comprehensive range of covers for diaries, ranging from PU leather, foam sheet PVC, Premium PVC to soft covers for you to choose from. Our advantage is flexibility and customization in our design work, which many companies only offer standardized diary products in Malaysia. We aim high to bring only the best of quality to our customers. We pay great attention to details in our design and manufacturing. This extends to other lines of operations, such as drafting and designing, materials selection, manufacturing, sales and distribution and customer service.


As a trusted diary manufacturer and supplier, we have to be constantly at the forefront in understanding market demands, especially the youth market in the modern lifestyle. Sinar Date Master is dedicated to bring more than ordinary diaries to customers, as we strive to become the pioneer in this industry.


2020 - A New Year for Diary!


In a blink of an eye, 2020 will be right at the corner. Please take a look at our exclusive diary designs 2019. We have an amazing array of  corporate diaries, daily planners and notebooks for every need. Sinar Date Master hopes to help you stay organised, and to be an integral part of your life in the year ahead.

Customised Diaries and Notebook

Be it ready-made or customised, a corporate diary can enhance your corporate brand awareness and help foster closer business ties with your valued customers. Besides our comprehensive diary range, Sinar Date Master customises various kinds of diaries to suit each customer's distinct corporate image and needs.

If you're a person who's looking for a more exciting way out of the usual boring items, designing your very own notebook might be a good choice. All the designs will be printed digitally on the front cover of the notebook. It is always a good way to spice things up, whether it's for your personal use or corporate distribution. We can also make your notebook with recycled pulp for maximum environmental-friendliness!

Sinar Date Master is committed to ensure your specific requirements are met. With a wide selection of diary options and cover materials, we can help you create a product that is deemed to fit your particular business niche.

Why You Need to Keep a Diary or Noteboook

Diary and notebooks come in many different forms, and it is one great trick to beating forgetfulness on important events and remain professional. A good notebook for your business is not just a classic way if having the 365 days of a year at your desk, but also means of looking professional every day and abreast of your competitors.

Furthermore, keeping a diary means that you have a daily messenger to keep track of your activities. With the numerous designs available from notebook or diary suppliers, you always have a way to communicate to clients. The designs are made to look professional and functional for your day to day record. In fact, as the leading diary supplier in Malaysia, we span the professional look and give you a diary that will leave your clients overwhelmed by the small sized book at your table.

With a one page one day design of our diary, we present you a way to record your daily business points. You do not have to remember the days when the inventory was shipped for your notebook gives you the dates. Furthermore, you can write the important things on top of your notebook for easy vision when you peruse through the pages.

Another thing that we ensure is that we deliver high quality and personalized diary and notebooks at the shortest notice possible. That even comes with dynamism in the design and page appearance that changes every year. It is no surprise that we have remained at the top of the diary supply in Malaysia for years, winning international awards for giving you professional reminders and messengers in form of a notebook.

We pride ourselves in offering you the best diary and notebooks. Whether on a sharp notice or not, quality is all we guarantee. Customization of every diary is at the core of our operations. We just do not offer notebooks but depict the need of a notebook with versatile quality notebooks. At least, your business will look more organized and classier with our notebooks.

How to Stand Out With Promotional Diaries and Notebooks

Promotional diaries and notebooks are very versatile marketing items which you can use to market your business subtly. This is because you can have them designed in a way that they will convey a certain message. You can also make these note books with modern themes so that people will be looking to have them as gifts. All what is needed is to ensure the diaries and notebooks are designed in the right manner.

One of the most important aspects when it comes to designing a diary or a notebook is the size. This is because no one wants to carry a notebook that is the size of a computer. People also do not want to carry very small notebooks which do not have enough space to accommodate the details required. By considering the size one is able to design diaries and notebooks which will suit the needs of the users.

Another important aspect is personalizing the diary. This entails including details that are communicating directly with the people who will be the users of the notebooks. When the details are personalized the users will be more attached to the diaries and notebook. One can even get images which will be showing that the user is personally recognized and appreciated. You just need to get a good professional to design the diaries and notebooks such as www.calendar.com.my.

The colours you use as you design the notebooks and diaries also play an important role in determining how attractive they are. This means that you should choose the colours that will be appealing to the recipients. This mainly depends on age and gender because there are colours which are known to be more feminine than others. There are also colours which are meant to sell formal products and others used on informal products. All what you need it to know what the recipients might prefer when it comes to colours. It is also helpful to know about the colours you can combine to produce excellent results. Therefore, by following the outlined guidelines and getting the right professionals such as www.calendar.com.my it is possible to have fun with well-designed notebooks and diaries.

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