Let all your days in 2022 echo with a spring & confidence

Let all your days in 2022 echo with a spring & confidence

TYPE 01 ECHOES : The Reflection On Life

In an era of short messaging, social media distractions and endless streams of time- stressed human communications, let’s sit back and reflect throughout the next twelve months on the realities of life. Ponder on each. Be enlighten month after month. Share and be reminded of the power of words. And most of all, let all your days in 2022 echo with a spring of confidence.




Attitude Makes A Difference Common problems can be solved with a different attitude. When rain comes an eagle flies above the clouds, unlike other birds that fly to seek shelter.

Everyone Is Different : Ever wondered why a round pizza comes in a square box and is cut into triangular slices ?

The Stopped Clock Even a stopped clock indicates time correctly twice a day. Think like a stopped clock. Think positively. And you will have a place in time.




When phones were tied to a wire, human interactions were less tangled. No Free Talk > But now with communications connected by unseen wires our lives seem less connected and more distracted.

They laugh at me because I’m different; I laugh at them because they’re all the same.

Decisions, Decisions : Right decisions are the secret to success, which are led by experience, which is gained by wrong decisions.




Losing To Regain : Like trees that shed leaves every autumn, you too may lose some things throughout your life journey. Stand tall, like a tree, and await the bloom that follows.


How To Stay Victorious - Act Fast, Keep Fighting, Stay Focused, Activate Positivity, Be Ambitious, Aim High, Stay Strong.

Yes To NO! Be positive even when the answer is ‘NO’ because ‘NO’ means ‘Next Opportunity’!




The Beauty Of Patience Life is like a cycle of sunsets and sunrises. Sunsets are beautiful fleeting moments. Sunrises are milestones worth waiting for.

Good Friend, Good Book One good book is like a hundred friends, but one good friend is like a library.

F.E.A.R. has two meanings : Forget Everything & Run, Face Everything & Rise. The Choice Is Yours.

Size : 7.75”H x 8”W • Vertical Format • (15 sheets)




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