TYPE 01 12 Insights

To Inspire, To Empower, To Enrich. Immerse your thoughts into 12 insights that will linger beyond the months and days of this calendar. Ponder, reflect and share them during the days in each month. Enlighten your path ahead and set sail into 2023 with renewed confidence. And when December comes, you will be energised to strive into the new year ahead.




Friends Can Be Foes And Vice Versa

Someone who gives you shit may not be your

enemy. Someone who gets you out of shit may not be your friend.

Count Your Blessings, Not Your Black Dots

Don’t let small matters cloud your judgment on the bigger issues.

The Danger Of Presumption

To avoid embarrassment, don’t assume too much nor take things for granted before you get the full picture.




Society’s Blindnes Is Its Inability To See Beyond Disabilities

“There is no greater disability in society, than the inability to see a person as more.”  ~ Robert M. Hensel


Don’t Let Anger Leave Unerasable Scars

Don’t let what you say in anger leave scars, because those scars cannot be erased by sorry.

A Portrait Of Strengths

Take a different perspective to acknowledge strengths rather than highlight weaknesses.




Obstacles Are Pathways To Opportunities

Life’s ups and downs are lessons to guide us forward with foresight.

Shake Off Life Difficulties

When your life is down and dirt is shovelled on you, don’t give up, just shake off the dirt and step on it to rise up!


Avoid Scams With Presence Of Mind

Be cautious when things seem too good to be true.




Only Time Will Value Love

It takes patience and understanding to truly build a relationship.

The Power Of Silence

Adopt the art of listening as a virtue to free and focus your mind.

Always Get The Full Picture First

When in doubt, seek more information and not pre-judge a conclusion.

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